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May 24, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Ch. 13: New Technologies in PR

This weeks reading talked a lot about new technologies in public relations that help contribute to its communication success and maybe some future technologies to look forward to. Listed below are some important bullet points throughout chapter 13.

  • The Computer: The computer helps public relations in many ways. The computer is seen as a research tool that can help us access information easier and quicker. For example we have calendars, chat/video chat, contact lists, etc.

Contact list: Microsoft works and ACT. This also helps practitioners organize certain groups and target audiences in a more efficient fashion. This also can help with a mailing list through email, phone, and postal mailing address.

  • The Internet: The internet gives public relations practitioners a world-wide port of communication. We communicate in many ways, the internet brings us; Email, websites, blogging, podcasting, etc.

Email– Message individuals personally, bulk messages, news releases, staff members, photos, pitch letters, etc.

Websites–  A way to let customers or web users know what a company is all about, their morals, what they are selling. It puts out information publically.

Blogging– Is a web log that is basically a dairy. Lets us, as individuals express our views on certain topics daily.

  • Cell Phones/ BlackBerry: Availability anywhere and at any time. we can connect to each other on this simple device through email, text, phone conference, and syncing calendars.
  • Desktop Publishing: Allows us to customize and create high quality news letters and graphics at home. Reduces time and money but not requiring a commercial printer.

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Book used: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics


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