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May 26, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Commenting on Others


Casey Corley


My Comment-May 26, 2010

You nailed this topic! I couldn’t agree more with the points you presented in your post. You never know who is going to comment or what you should comment. I’ve always believed in common courtesy and upholding fact within an opinion. In your comment you talked about how it’s “okay” to disagree as long as your not rude and disrespectful….I agree with this statement but I feel like so many people can get so fired up about a topic and just let it out without thinking(if that makes sense?). I know its not acceptable but we will always have someone there to prove us wrong by doing so.


Allie Aronson

Title—( PR Connections #1)

My Comment–May 28, 2010

WOW, this is extremely intense. I mean I had an inkling that if you post anything on Facebook, someone is bound to find it, but how scary is it that someone can actually contact you from your cellphone without giving them your number.

Facebook is already death to anyone who doesn’t want their information out there. but at the same time how the article says anyone can receive your number. this can also be good or bad in a networking sense. say you do lose your number you can make that group private it just depends how much you actually look into the group invitation.

Also linking to the whole ” I have your phone number thing” I think any information posted on Facebook is very personal. the smallest status update or post on someone else wall can give away where you are, what you are doing and who you are with.

ALL I can say about Facebook is just be careful, you never know what kind of networking is going on around the world that involves you.

Times they are Changing

Casey Corley

Title—Times they are changing

My comment- May 28, 2010

I completely agree. The internet changes daily. Some of the changes I like and some I don’t when new changes come to the internet we have to learn something we thought we knew and were comfortable with all over again. The internet is definitely a huge way of communication in our society now and I will agree that I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. in my opinion the technology can only get better and help make things easier.

From the Street with Love: Ann

Title: Fashion PR

My comment: June 15, 2010

I definatly see where you are coming from in this post, but I don’t think Fashion PR is just what you look like. I do think they care about what you do. Being a model can have it’s positives and negatives. You have to work to be a model, it isn’t easy. I’m sure they workout like crazy and have to watch how they act in public just like real business people. For models it’s a lot of work behind those pictures they make money off of. I’m not saying it’s a field I wouldn’t want to work in but there are so many aspects to it all.

Brooks Turner

Title: PR2330 PR Connections

My comment: June 15, 2010

HMMM a Fake Twitter account? I agree the satire is kind of funny, but what has happened is horrible and is a huge deal. BP really went under on this one and has a ton of work to do to fix their issues. As of the fake twitter account, I see it as nothing new, so many people do that just to get a rise out of someone else and only worsens the issues at hand.

Cassandra Light

Title: Peaches and PR

My comment: June 15, 2010

This post was incredible, I loved your story on helping others in a public relations way. I myself probably would have never thought something up like that and I think baby peaches is doing a wonderful thing for the greater Atlanta community. I also think it was a great way to get involved in PR early.

Christen Jenkins

Title: Eco-Fashion going green!

My comment: June 15, 2010

I think it is great what the fashion community is trying to do to contribute to the eco-friendliness of our environment. It seems that the whole world is starting to get  involved in preserving our environment which helos living environments greatly. I love how the news release gave some examples of what was going to change. these were extremely impressive to me: “The garments and objects in Eco-Fashion: Going Green will reflect at least one of six major themes:”-Eco-fashion: Going Green news release..
the repurposing and recycling of materials
material origins
textile dyeing and production
quality of craftsmanship
labor practices
the treatment of animals
Blog Post: Traveling Around Europe
My comment: July 12, 2010
oh my goodness, that’s awesome. Two of my best friends are studying abroad there….Maybe you know them? Megan Wilson and Jordyn Coalson? Anywho I saw your blog post and got interested. I’m Obsessed with food and the food network and saw you were talking about Belgium waffles? I’m glad you made it clear to us back home in Statesboro that the Belgium waffles are true to their legend. haha weird question? but in Champagne, do they have a ton of good champagne?? What classes are you enrolled in and would you recommend paris for people interested in going abroad?
Blog post: 5 Over-the-Top Press conferences in the sports world
My Comment: July 12, 2020
I’ll have to agree with the previous comment. I think its extremely interesting about whats going on in sports news from years ago, up until now. It’s almost like a easy recap of what “major” happened especially with everything now thats going on in basketball and football. LeBron joining Miami Heat and leaving his team in Boson out in the dust. Press conferences can be ingaging to some but mortifying to others. It just shows that even the biggest athletes go through ups and downs and make decisions to the public to keep us factually informed.
Blog Post: Humorous Print Ads
My Comment: July 12, 2010
I couldn’t agree more Natlye. I’m actually obsessed with ads that have entertainment in them. Say it’s a commercial or something like the geico ones??? I hate those now, they use to be funny but now I change the channel. Also I don’t know if you see that president one anymore where they go back in time to when he was kid and then shows his kid becoming the president? I still don’t know what that commercial is for. My favorite commercials give me the most information in the funniest way. For example, eTrade. Love it…I love the little kids impersinating the grown ups. For me I just like when companys make their product easy to understand and deliver it in a way that the public can relate and see how it would benefit us.
Blog Post: Can  the iPhone replace blackberries for business preference?
My comment: July 12, 2010
I love, love, love this blogg post. Me and one of my friends have an ongoing debate over witch phone was more business savi. I currently have an iPhone and have had one since they started coming out, I have not yet purcahsed the new edition but it is definetly on my list of things to do. Fortunetly I have had the opportunity to play with one and eveything you say is true! I would also add to your features that the graphics are unbelievable. Sending an email or composing a text looks unreal, it doenst even feel like a phone anymore. This phone is beyond technology to me.
Blog Post: McCain and Snooki BFF?
My comment: July 12, 2010
wow, this post is unreal. Snooki is a joke and It’s a joke her and McCain are even talking about that subject? I agree she probably doesn’t need to go to the tanning bed anymore but on a better question? why are snooki and McCain even talking? haha I’m glad they have the tanning bed in common but honestly this was exspected coming out of snooki’s mouth but absolutely not John McCain. It’s pretty embarrassing if your reading this and aren’t from America. I’m sure it really puts a good name out for us. “America and their tanning beds, will the world come to an end”?
Blog Post: How to be a successful PR Intern
My Comment: July 12 2010
This is a great YouTube. I find any video, interview , or information that deals with being a intern is great help for me as a student. This video really gives you some preparation what you need to know and aware about when looking and accepting an intern. Some of the key points said in the video really help me feel more comfortable on entering the situation. Being young in Public relations isnt’t always easy people will run over you and you want to be able you want to be able to put your ideas forth and also be able to say “no” in unaccetable situations. Great Video Jessica. I hope to see more like it.
Blog Post: Creative Juices Flowing
My Comment: July 12, 2010
These tips are such a help. I like to say im a creative person. But goodness creativity isnt easy. I love the tip about bringing around a notebook. I alwasy come up with great ideas and say to myself” hey I need to rememebr that for later” and always forget. Every last one of those tips im obsessed with. I feel like these tips bring a whole new meanig to creativity, for example; Outgoingness and being spontaneous. You’ll never know until you try something. Like just yesterday I told myself i’d never try steamed oysters becasue I knew I didn”t like them. Turns out I still don’t like them. Haha but anyways I get the point you are trying to make and I understand the underlining message wihtin each tip.
Blog Post: The Future is Here!
My Comment: July 12, 2010
You cannot be serious! There is a car that can drive and fly?? If so I wouls ask every single question you just asked and maybe more? for example: How do oyu make lanes in the sky? No one knows these lanes and could take years to learn? If you haev flying cars, would this be the end to ground transportation? Would we really be living like the Jetsons? I mean really, I love the growth of technology, but what is next? Is there goingt o be a commmunity in the sky now? On a positive stand point, I think it would be awesome! It could potentially create more jobs. We’ll need air police a whole new section of law. I mean these questions could go for days and days to come. intereting post though. I’m curious to see what will happen.

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