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June 1, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Ch. 2: ROOTS

Chapter 2

The Evolution of Public Relations:

This chapter discusses the ins and out of how public relations evolved and the different endeavors that took the place of the term “public relations”. Below are some facts I found to be rather important in the chapter.

-Throughout the 19th century publicity and promotion helped to populate the western United States. (pamphlets)

  • These pamphlets helped railroads attract over 4.5 million people to the Midwestern states
  • Establishment of 2 million farms.

Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford was America’s first major industrialist and was among the first to use two public relations concepts:

——The notion of positioning

——To be accessible to the press

Teddy Roosevelt

  • President Roosevelt was a master at promotion and publicizing his pet projects.
  • First president to make extensive use of news conferences and press interviews to drum up public support when Congress was often critical or non-supportive.

F. O. M. P. R

Father Of Modern Public Relations

  • Edward B. Bernay was said to be the father of modern public relations all the way up to his death in 1995 age 103
  • Through brilliant campaigns and extensive self-promotion.

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics


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