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June 8, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Where to Start??

T.O.W #3: PR Firm v. PR Department

When entering the world of business after college I think it is better to start off in a public relations firm rather than a department of public relations. Entering into a PR firm , the position available is usually an assistant account executive.

I think this is best because you will be able to learn everything about public relations hands on and the different departments within that firm. Although you are getting great hands on experience you’re getting little stock options, little opportunity for profit sharing, and sometimes even a low-income rate.

Another disadvantage of working in a firm is such a high expectancy level from your co-workers around you and a non-stop day of an intense work-load. when working with people who all have the same abilities and working under one subject of “PR” you as an individual must stand out and be original in order to move up the chain or business and hierarchy.

When talking about moving up the chain, in a positive way I mean the salaries in a PR firm can be greater than what you can make in a department. PR firms focus towards short-term goals and have amazing benefits for their employees.


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