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June 15, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Two 3-Pronged Reaction

T.O.W #4

For WEEK 4’s topic of the week, we were to watch two interviews given to us by Professor Nixon and write a three-pronged reaction response.

The first person professor Nixon interviewed was Martin Waxman.

Martin Waxman is from Canada and help found a new PR firm in Toronto with a core value of MEDIA. Waxman had three pillars to his agency; Simplicity, energy, and integrity. He also believed in weekly podcasts dealing with blogging. Waxman said the biggest challenge is to master social media tools then to integrate those tools into  strategy. Towards the end of the interview he gave a few tips on what agencies look for in future employees. They look for understanding a social media, understanding media relations, and knowledge of major communication representatives on twitter and blog networks. With this being said in the interview I wish I could have known more about his networking skills and who he was networking with ad how to build your network outside of twitter and blogging.

For more info on Martin Waxman visit his linkedin.

The second interview professor Nixon interviewed was Kneale Mann.

Kneale Mann is from Canada and believes their must be and appreciation for individuals in communications, Marketing and Public Relations. Mann is involved in Public and Private sectors of public relations. A public sector is more along the lines or marketing and social media and a private sector allows you to conduct an overall business strategy. Mann also talks about in the interview how sometimes you just don’t know what to write about in blogs or on twitter, but he suggest that finding an interest or topic by browsing can help you find your own main focus by seeing what stands out to you. If I could ask any questions about the whole interview I would ask him to go over the ( SXSW) South by South West. It kinda went over my head and needed more details.

For more info on Kneale Mann visit his Linkedin


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