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June 22, 2010 / Briana Patrick


CHAPTER 7: Communication & CHAPTER 8: Evaluation

—-The third step in the public relations process= Communication

James Gruing lists five possible objectives for a communicator:

1. Message exposure

2. Accurate dissemination of the message

3. Acceptance of the message

4. Attitude change

5. Change in overt behavior

Communication is the act of transmitting information, ideas, and attitudes from one person to the other.

—The third step in the public relations proces= Evaluation

The following checklist contains the basic evaluation questions that any practitioner should ask:

-Was the activity or program adequately planned?

-Did the recipients of the message understand it?

-How could the program strategy be more effective?

-Were all primary and secondary audiences reached?

-Was the desired organizational objectives achieved?

-What unforeseen circumstances affected the success of the program or activity?

-Did the program or activity fall within the budget set for it?

-What steps can be taken to improve the success of similar future activities?

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics


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