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July 11, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Blogging for Begginers

T.O.W Week 9: 10 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

1Keep it simple. Start with a free and easy to use blogging tool like WordPress. Pick a simple design and just start writing. You can tweak the design and make it look good later.

2. Write for yourself. It takes time for others to find and read your blog so use it as a space to think out loud about the things that interest you. Pick topics that you are passionate about and you’ll find people with similar interests will connect with you.

3Interact with your readers. Make sure your blog has a commenting feature – when someone leaves a comment email them or leave a reply comment. People will come back if you take the time to acknowledge and interact with them.

4. Set boundaries and think about the purpose of your blog. Remember what you are writing is in a public domain so you might want to refrain from talking about your personal life – people WILL find it. Decide up front about what you will and won’t write about and stick to it.

5Read other blogs and link to those that interest you. One of the best things about blogging is how it connects people thinking through similar issues. Link to them, add your own ideas, leave comments on their blog – blogging can bring about rich and wonderful conversations and lead to lasting friendships.

6Do not copy articles from other blogs or websites. If you need to get content from another blog, give proper credits and links.

7Blog About subjects you are good at or topics which you are interested in. Do not blog about a subject just because of the fact that all popular blogger are writing about that topic.

8. Discuss your article and give a brief idea on the topic to the readers. Do not convey vague ideas and confuse the readers. Also, make your points clear. Include images wherever necessary to add visual effects (Make sure that the images do not violate copyright rules).

9. Make your article easy to read and do not abbreviate words. Check for any spelling mistakes in the post before you publish it to the web. Abbreviations and spelling mistakes break the flow of the paragraph.

10. Be patient, post regularly and have fun. It can take a long time to build up a readership. In the mean time just enjoy the writing process. Make it a daily exercise (it takes some discipline) and don’t give up if it seems no-one is reading – just be yourself and have fun.

Source and more information on begginers blogging: Blog Tips for Beginners, Blog tips by, Raj


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