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July 12, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Crisis Communication!!

T.O.W Week six: Public Relations During Times of Crisis

In Professor Nixon’s Public Relations in Times of Crisis slide show, Crisis is defined as a non-routine event that risks undesired visibility that in turn threatens significant reputational damage.

4 Types of Crisis:

  1. Meteor
  2. predator
  3. Breakdown
  4. Lingering

The Three R’s of Crisis Management:

  • Research
  • Response
  • Recovery

Crisis can spark from anything and come out of nowhere. for example crisis can spark from, environment, technological, terroristic, criminal misconduct, managerial, and even accidental.

Also in this slide show Professor Nixon provides a YouTube clip of how to get fired from dominos as well as some tips on how to measure success.

  • Power of impact
  • Breadth of impact
  • Dept of impact

Crisis management is  a lot more broad than I thought and takes much more planning than meets the eye. Crisis management is extremely important in the business roll and employers and employees should be up to knowledge about it.


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