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July 12, 2010 / Briana Patrick


T.O.W Week Seven: Podcasts

Coming up PR with Mary, Sheryl, and Mike

Episode 10:

I viewed a podcast from Episode 10 of Coming up with PR with Mary, Sheryl, and Mike.  This podcast was brought to my attention  because it seemed like it related to me being a college student studying to be a PR practitioner in the future. I found this podcast to be very informational and interesting for my future studies.

During the podcast they talked about attending two conferences and discussed with one another the things they learned at the conferences. This podcast gave a good example of “keeping it fun” by using a company called Sysomos. Sysomos made a video of random people trying to pronounce the name of their company. The video is short and funny, but also engages the audience’s attention.

In the podcast they also discussed the North by North east conference. The main aspect of this conference was to make an emotional connection with people. Your company must be fun and interesting as well as  appeal to a person’s “inner child.” The podcast also tells the listener to use the internet as an opportunity to appeal to emotion. PR podcasts can be very beneficial to students and new PR practitioners.


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