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August 31, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Commenting on Others

Charlie Edwards

The Book of Eli

My Comment: August 31, 2010

Charlie! I completely agree with what you said about The Book of Eli I thought it was a great movie as well. Although I had no idea what was going on in the beginning, nor the middle, the ending brought me up to speed. I don’t remember the final scene though? What happened? I know the girl Ended up going on to carry the book of Eli but What happened to Denzel ? I also remember that movie grossing me out. If you think about it, the movie plays a role in how people act today as well. They will do anything for food and water when nothing else is available and no matter who they harm. We may not think this would happen if we lived in a world like that, but i think it would, Which is a pretty scary thought. Great movie and post!

Cait Bailey

“Get the door, its Dominos”

My comment: October 26, 2010

Cait, I saw this, this past summer when i was working on Professor Nixon’s class and found it awful. I mean I just can’t believe how much a person would do to contaminate someones food. It is just down right Disgusting. I mean like the previous comment, I’m thrilled the person got fired. They knew exactly what they were doing by messing with the food, their health and others. After seeing this video again it is just a reminder to me that food isn’t all that it looks like, you have no idea what someone has done to it.

Casey Corley

Technology and it’s Benefits

My Comment: October 31,2010

Honestly, I had no idea any of this happened until I read and saw your blog post. That is amazing how the many lives were saved just through technology. I think it is overwhelming to know that people could go in there without threatening the lives of themself without having to put themselves in danger in order to recuse them. I also think it’s crazy how technology brings us together and into what’s going on in the world surrounding us.

Mr. Tarplin

Larry’s Down for the Cause…

My Comment: October 31, 2010

I enjoy watching football on my weeknds too. I had no idea Fitzgerald was doing that in showing respect for his mother. going away form fiztgerald did you notice that the Falcons weren’t wearing any pink for breast cancer thir first October game and all the other teams were! that mde me quesion the Falcons for a second. They are my team and I love them so there must have been something behind all that. As to breast cancer awareness I completely support every cause and I think it is HUGE the NFL is getting involved with it. JUST DO IT.

Casey Corley

Use Social Media!

My Comment: October 31, 2010

I agree as well. I think it is highly improtant to have multiple sources of media, especially if you are a small, or local owned business. Here a Georgia Southern many new businesses are opening weekly. I think it is a smart idea to get some connections with our school newspaper ” The Georgia-Anne”, students pick up copies of this paper everyday to see whats new and exciting going on in statesboro. This one source is how I found out about Panera Bread Co. and the Cracker Barrel opening

Allie Aronson

Business Cards Thrive in a Digital Age

My Comment: October 31, 2010


As I understand business cards are “intimate” I think technology can and will start to make “paper” disappear all together. I am with my iPhone it has a free, downloadable App. that lets me tap phones with someone else and retrieve all their information with that one tap. For example; email address, phone number, name, twitter, Facebook, work number…etc. I know it’s scary but who would’ve thought?

Allie Aronson

Frank Ryan’s DEath Caused by Texting

My Comment: October 31, 2010

I completely understand the severity in driving while texting, BUT I don’t think it is fair to say someone died because of it without ANY evidence. I mean sure it may be true but shouldn’t people be looking at the bigger picture of his death….in the death of him itself? I don’t know just my opinion. Also don’t text in drive even though I am guilty of it myself.


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  1. mrtarplin / Nov 1 2010 1:25 pm

    The Falcons support the breast cancer awareness too, they didn’t wear pink in their first October game because teams are supposed to alternate weeks. I think each team has 2 games out of the month that they wore pink and 1 or 2 games where they dont wear pink.

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