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September 23, 2010 / Briana Patrick

T.O.W3: Importance of Comments

I think writing blogs is a way to see how others think about your issues, ideas and concerns and how they play out in other persons heads. When I write a blog I expect to get a comment back relating to it. Almost seeing what I’m talking about from another angle.  In a YouTube video i recently watched Jim Brady talks about some importance of blog commenting and maybe some negatives about it. Watch the video and let me know how you feel.



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  1. caseycorley / Oct 20 2010 12:03 am

    Like you, I believe blog comments are very important. By leaving comments on other people’s blogs, it allows you to receive feedback about your blog post. By blogging, you allow people to get a ‘view’ of how you feel about certain subjects. The YouTube video you posted was an excellent video for any blogger, young or old, to watch. Jim Brady lets you know what to do and what not to do during blogging. When commenting on another person’s blog, always leave positive feedback. Also, proofread your comments and make sure there are no grammatical errors. Commenting is essential to blogging, so make it a fun experience!


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