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September 23, 2010 / Briana Patrick

T.O.W4: NewsU

NewsU Cleaning Your Copy was  a course we must time in our PR Writing class.

What I learned in this online course was about Grammar( how to write to the point), AP Style( how to CITE sources and where things go on a page layout), Punctuation( Where do periods, commas, and quotation marks go), and spelling( what is the right way to spell a word, word have different meanings and spellings)

The one thing that surprised me at the end was the final test. I was expecting it to be a breeze and extremely easy and short. Instead it turned out to be a review session where I was revising errors and editing sentences. I needed a book source to complete it.

After going through the course I found I want to know more about everything. You can never know every single punctuation, AP style, Grammar, and Spelling mistake or concern just off the top of your head in one review session. It takes time to fully know everything about writing.


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