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September 23, 2010 / Briana Patrick

Avoiding Plagarism


I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University and I know hands down never to plagiarise. Even if you don’t mean to, or forget to cite something you must always go over everything you do just to make sure you don’t forget to credit any of your sources.


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  1. ilovepr1540 / Oct 20 2010 11:52 pm

    One of my teachers gave me a 40 on a paper because he did not believe I went to an event. He thought I made up the whole thing! I was so mad because it happened to be something that I go to every year in my hometown (called Snellville Days) and was even a part of the event’s parade at one time.

    So, my lesson was that even if you cite sources, if you do not have enough information for certain stories that is different than other peoples your credibility can be called into question.

    The only thing that I had that other news coverage did not was a personal connection, and a woman who comes to Snellville Days just to get some cookies from this one woman who brings them and has a booth with all sorts of baked goods each year.

    Moto: do not plagarize, attribute, and have extra random facts that are found nowhere else.

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